Who's Who in Visual Art . Fine Art Photographers . 2015-2016 Foreword When trying to define the complex forms of expression of fine art photography and formulate an exact, universal statement, you soon find yourself running up against the limits of language and unable to find words that describe this art form adequately. A problem that may equally apply to all genres of the fine arts. Expressing emotions, sentiments and moods lyrically, creating new worlds and taking the reader on a journey of the senses, imagination and impressions are some of the greatest feats of poetry. The photo artists presented here are able to achieve a similar feat with their evocative works. In contrast to literature, however, descriptions and words become superfluous and an emotional dialogue between photo and viewer begins.   Photography enables the viewer to experience and feel shapes, colours and lights. It awakens personal memories, creates new perspectives and challenges old habits of mind. It appeals to and stimulates primary instincts. It reflects reality, creates utopias or dream worlds and acts as a catalyst for human emotions of every hue. The pure aesthetics of a motif can evoke positive impressions and have an invigorating effect on the mind and soul. Abstract and experimental works require interpretation and imagination. Other images may be unsettling, strange or even shocking, as well as giving food for thought. It is, however, always a very subjective and personal journey invoking deep feelings, impressions and emotions. The diverse approaches, styles and motifs reveal how varied and infinite fine art photography can be. They also give the viewer the opportunity to experience deeply this impressive form of artistic creativity. As the medium that reproduces reality, photography is the beginning of a reflection on the difference between photographic reproduction and the reproduced, thereby exploring the opportunities, conditions and limits of the medium of photography. The protagonists of this book are all characterised by their highly creative application, their special craftsmanship and their impressive and original imagery. From classic nude to documentary, portrait, industry, architecture, nature and landscape photography as well as genre, experimental and abstract photography – all of these different genres are presented in this volume and will hopefully give you, dear reader, as much pleasure as they give me. I am wishing you a delightful and inspiring journey of discovery through the diverse world of contemporary fine art photography. Quedlinburg, in June 2015, Jörg Ullmann Product details Hardcover: 110 pages . Dimensions: 21.8 x 19.8 x 1.5 cm Language: English, German ISBN-13: 978-3981347487 Presentation at Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair
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