The book is conceived as a standard reference book. A comprehensive printed compendium of living artists in painting, graphic arts, digital art, sculpture, photography beyond the hermetic circle of the top 100 protagonists of those List, that is yearly published by Mrs. Rohr-Bongard. In the 2022 edition the book appears in German language for the first time. The volume provides all important relevant key data including sample of signatue and up-to-date price range, an artist statement and up to 5 samples of work images.                © 2004 - 2020 BY ART DOMAIN GROUP - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Cover, bastard title and 5 sample double pages artist feature (edition 2018) Listings contain two pages arranged in alphabetical order referring to the surname of the artist. The colour of the page margins signalizes the respective art discipline (such as painting, sculpture, photography). A self-edited artist's statement appears below the name introductorily. Followed by: PoR: Place of Residence (country, city) M: Medium (painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, graphic art) S: Subject (preferred artistic themes) PR: Price Range (present price nivel) up-to-date web address artist photo signature about 5 recent samples of work of high print quality Go to Website: Further Data: Expected Publication Date: 2nd quarter of 2022 Size 19 x 21 cm. Printed on matt high quality paper, 150g/qm. Distribution: The books are sold via bookstores worldwide in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). They are further sold online via Amazon and others. or directly from Art Domain Whois Publisher at: info(at)whoisverlag.de What does a Listing include?